TrumpExcel - Affiliate Program

How much commission is paid for each sale?

As an affiliate, you're eligible for a flat 40% commission of the sale value. For example, for a sale of $100, you get $40.

After how long after the sale am I paid the commission?

You are paid every month-end after 31 day period. This is to make sure that refunds (if any) are accounted for. Although refunds are rare, we still have to wait for the period to get over before paying the affiliates.

For example, if refer a sale on 20th March, you will be paid on 30 April.

How long is a referral tracked?

Any referral sent by your link is tracked for 180 days. This means that if the person purchases the course within 180 days (~6 months) of using your referral link, you get credit for the sale.

How is the affiliate payment made?

The payment is done using Paypal (using the email address you specify during the signup).